Opticians in AVA - Highest precision lenses. - There are 8 opticians available.

Thanks to a breakthrough in optics these opticians can now test your vision to the highest accuracy of 0.01D, rather than the previous 0.25D. Using AVA™ lens technology we can manufacture your lenses to your exact prescription, not to a rounded prescription close to the measured power. Experience a comfortable and thorough eye examination from these opticians.

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These opticians have invested in the latest eye examination equipment, Vision R-800, which allows them to measure your eyes to the highest precision. This equipment is highly accurate and also non-invasive for a much more comfortable experience during the eye test process. You will be able to see the difference of having a lens with AVA technology compared to a lens that is rounded to your measured prescription. Get lenses that are made specifically for your eyesight for the highest precision lens correction.