Lost or Broken Lenses Guarantee

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We understand how important good vision is and that without your glasses performing just the basics such as reading your newspaper or taking your children to school becomes impossible. Because of this, our partner opticians can now offer a loss and breakage guarantee with all Essilor Personalised Lenses.

Feel confident with Essilor Personalised Lenses

Have you ever misplaced your glasses and felt a sense of worry as you realise how much you need them for everyday tasks? Sometimes you may find them in the most unusual places around the house, and you wonder how they even got there, and on the odd occasion, you cannot find them. Our partner opticians understand how daunting this must be and want to offer you a sense of security by providing a new loss and breakage guarantee. Available with all Essilor Personalised Lenses, you can feel at ease knowing your lenses are covered if you lose or break them.

Sharp, comfortable vision

Essilor Personalised Lenses are tailored to your specific needs and chosen frame delivering sharp and comfortable vision from the moment you put them on. Our range of Personalised Lenses are manufactured using your unique measurements only available at partner opticians with revolutionary equipment. If you're looking to get the most from your glasses, look no further than Essilor Personalised Lenses.

Loss & Breakage Guarantee on Personalised Lenses

The loss and breakage guarantee is available with all Essilor Personalised Lenses. It covers any loss or damage to the lenses for 12 months from when you collect your glasses from your optician. If you lose or break your lenses for any reason, you may claim a replacement pair at a low fixed cost. 

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Buy with confidence

The guarantee extends to cover your total satisfaction. What does this mean? If you aren't 100% happy with your Essilor Personalised Lenses, your optician will be able to replace them with a suitable replacement pair. The total satisfaction guarantee on Personalised Lenses starts when you collect your glasses and covers your lenses for 12 months.

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The Total Patient Satisfaction Guarantee on Personalised Lenses and The Loss & Breakage Guarantee on Personalised Lenses is only available from participating opticians. Talk to your participating optician today for full terms and conditions. Essilor Personalised Lenses guarantees are between the wearer and their participating optician.