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Have you noticed a change in your vision?

It's recommended to have an eye exam every 2 years to check any changes in your vision and also to have a regular check of the health of your eye. If you've noticed any changes in your eyesight or are overdue an eye test book one today with your local optician.

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Why an Essilor Partnered Optician?

Our partner opticians regularly invest in the latest technology so that they can provide the most comprehensive eye exams and dispense the latest lenses that are personalised beyond your prescription. 

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Now Take Two Pairs of Varilux with an Exclusive Offer

Get an exclusive offer when you take two pairs of Varilux lenses from a participating optician. Varilux is the number one varifocal lens brand recommended by opticians. Get sharp vision near to far with Varilux lenses.

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Working from home?

Our lives have changed a lot in the past 12 months presenting us with new challenges. Working from home can result in many changes for our posture, eye health and vision. The increase in screen time, working at new distances and on multiple screens can result in eye fatigue which in turn can affect our visual and postural comfort. Standard things such as setting up a home office with the right lighting and screen distance can help improve this. It's also important to have an up-to-date prescription and lenses optimised for digital screens. Your local optician will be able to recommend the best visual solution for your visual requirements and lifestyle needs. 

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Safe practice

Our partnered opticians have worked in line with government and public health guidelines to ensure your visit is in a safe environment without impacting the quality you deserve. Ask your optician what measures have been put in place to help welcome you back.

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Did you know?

1 in 3 people over 40

increase their font size

1 in 4 people over 40

failed to go for an eye check in the last 3 years

55% of people over 40

are worried about losing their vision as they age

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