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Why you should consider Crizal Drive lens coating for safer driving

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Are you noticing your vision feels worse when driving? Maybe you struggle to see and read road signs, your reaction times have slowed, or you are straining your eyes to see clearly. It may be time to consider speaking with your optician about your current prescription or about wearing eyeglasses for driving. At Essilor, we have created a range of lens coatings to offer enhancements to our lenses. For example, our Crizal lens coating range includes the Crizal Drive lens coating, explicitly designed for drivers looking to reduce reflections and glare while driving and wearing glasses.


The risk of glare and reflections is heightened during the night. When driving in the dark the brightness of streetlights and headlights can cause a considerable amount of glare. This glare is dangerous and will severely impact your ability to drive. Firstly, it will reduce visibility and secondly it is likely to cause a lack of focus. This could affect a number of important factors when driving. For example, a loss of depth, speed, and distance perception, which is vital in determining your own speed and distance. For those who already wear glasses, this glare can create even more reflections, impacting your vision further.

Fortunately, if glare is impacting your ability to drive safely, the Crizal Drive lens coating provides anti-glare and anti-reflection and is suitable for use across both our Varilux and Single Vision lenses.   

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The Benefits of Essilor’s Crizal Drive Lens Coating

By opting for the Crizal Drive lens coating you will benefit from an array of additional features. Not only will 90% of the reflections caused by lights when night-time driving be reduced by 90%, but you will also benefit from glare reductions and UV protection.

On top of this the Crizal Drive lens coating has been designed to be:

  • Dust Repellent
  • Smudge Resistant
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Water Repellent

The Crizal Drive lens coating is ideal for any wearer of glasses looking to enhance the clarity of their vision when behind the wheel of a vehicle. For safe, confident driving, you can trust Crizal Drive.

Speak with your local Essilor Optician today for more information.

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