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What to Do If You Get Headaches When Wearing Glasses

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It can be very common to experience headaches if you need glasses in order to see clearly, but what about if you’re getting headaches even after you put your glasses on? If you have just received new lenses from your optician, you might notice a few symptoms such as headaches, dizziness or watery eyes. This can happen if you’re wearing glasses for the first time or if your prescription has recently changed. While these symptoms will typically fade on their own, it can be uncomfortable and bothersome in the meantime.

Getting new glasses

During your eye examination, your optician will look for any signs that show if you have any problems seeing into the distance or up close. These refractive errors can be easily corrected with the right lenses, but if you’ve never worn glasses before, it can take some getting used to.

Usually you will experience headaches when your eyes are straining to see clearly, and glasses can rectify this. However, your eyes can take some time to catch up with the power of your lenses. This can sometimes result in a headache, because your eyes and the surrounding muscles are working differently.

Over time, this will begin to subside as your eyes and muscles get used to the change.

Adjusting to a new prescription

It can usually take a few days to adjust to your new prescription lenses but it can depend on how much your prescription has changed and whether you’ve worn glasses before. You can help your eyes to adapt quicker by putting your glasses on in the morning, so that your eyes don’t have to deal with a sudden change in vision later in the day.

If your eyes become itchy or sore, take your glasses off to give your eyes a small break, but put them back on when these symptoms have gone.

Other reasons you might experience headaches

There can be some instances where you’re experiencing headaches for other reasons. Sometimes there can be a problem with the frames themselves and how they fit. Our Essilor partner opticians will use the latest technology to take multiple measurements, making sure the lens and the frame are working together with your anatomy and visual behaviour.

If you use digital devices regularly for work and for socialising, your eyes will be working much harder to see the screens clearly. Eye strain, or computer vision syndrome, is very common and can also lead to headaches. Consider taking regular breaks and making sure you’re wearing glasses if you need them for seeing things close up.

If your headaches don’t get any better or you’re still finding it difficult to adjust to your lenses, get in touch with your optician and they will be able to help make your visual experience a more comfortable one.

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