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What Is Blinding Glare & How to Prevent It

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If you have ever experienced glare before, you’ll know how uncomfortable and even blinding it can be. In some instances, glare can even be dangerous. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to suffer with it; with the right lenses, you can eliminate glare and enjoy clear, comfortable vision. When the sun shines, it is usually scattered in all different directions. However, when it hits a flat surface, the light is reflected and becomes polarised.

What does that mean?

When the sunlight is polarised, it becomes more concentrated and travels in a horizontal direction. This causes blinding glare and can have a huge impact on your vision, resulting in a very uncomfortable experience. Unfortunately, glare can occur in a number of different environments, including on the road and on water.

Whether you’re walking, driving, swimming or sailing, glare can be a common occurrence. It can also happen on the slopes while you’re skiing or snowboarding too, making it a year-round problem!

How can you protect your eyes from glare?

Protecting your eyes from glare is important because the intense light could temporarily disrupt your vision. This can be particularly dangerous if you’re driving. However, thanks to polarised lenses, you can reduce your exposure to glare and enjoy safer vision.

Polarised lenses differ from regular sunglasses as they have a unique filter that only allows vertical light through. As glare is light that is concentrated horizontally, these lenses are able to reduce it. What’s more, polarised lenses will still offer optimal protection from UV light too, protecting your eyes from damage that can be caused by overexposure.

Polarised lenses can provide enhanced colour perception, making it easier to see in bright light conditions. They are often popular choices for those who suffer from light sensitivity or have recently had cataract surgery.

Discover Xperio lenses

Our Xperio Sun lens collection is designed to safeguard your eyes against harmful light and blinding glare. Great for those who follow an active lifestyle or spend a lot of time outdoors, our Xperio range is the perfect place to start for your next pair of sun lenses.

Xperio Polarised lenses offer the best visual comfort and protection against glare. These lenses have the highest level of UV protection within our lens technology range, so that you can enjoy your outdoor hobbies knowing that your eyes are shielded. There’s also a wide choice of colours and gradients to suit your personal style, including violet, blue sky and grey, so you can look good while enjoying clear vision.

Xperio Tinted lenses still offer glare protection as you would expect, but they are also able to restore the natural colour perception. This means your tinted lenses can mute the brightness of the sun, without compromising on clarity or contrast. These lenses are also available with or without a prescription, and come in colours such as brown, grey green, blue ink and burgundy.

Xperio Mirror lenses are the perfect choice for maximum style impact. Giving a mirrored finish to your lens, this style is compatible with the other products in the Xperio range. They are available in 7 unique colours, including bronze, ocean blue, orange and silver. Xperio Mirrors can turn your sunglasses into a true fashion accessory, while still protecting your eyes.

Ask your local optician about polarised lenses today.

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