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Why Near Vision Behaviour is an Important Measurement

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For those who need varifocal lenses to see clearly at different distances, it can take a period of adjustment to see both close-up and at distance with ease.

Looking through different parts of the lens can take some getting used to, but with additional measurements and personalised lenses, it could make the transition to varifocal lenses much easier than before.

Near Vision Behaviour is a new measurement created to help those who need varifocal lenses. Everyone’s near vision behaviour is different, and it’s important for opticians to take this into account when dispensing new varifocal lenses to ensure optimal visual comfort and quick adaptation.

What is Near Vision Behaviour?

Near Vision Behaviour is a measurement used to ensure your lenses are created to best support your visual needs. By understanding how you look through your lenses, opticians can ensure varifocal lenses deliver effortlessly sharp vision with ease.

Measured with a tablet and app, it is a simple test that looks at your posture and head movements while you look at something close up. The app will detect your eye declination, how you position the tablet, your offset, your visual spread and whether you move your head side to side or eyes as you follow a pseudo-reading test on the screen. These behaviours are known as your near vision behaviour.

How do you measure Near Vision Behaviour?

Near Vision Behaviour is measured using a tablet and app by recreating familiar near vision tasks to take five separate measurements. This helps determine how you behave when looking through the bottom part of the lens, which is designed for close-up activities such as reading. Near Vision Behaviour can be measured using an optical instrument known as Eye Ruler or using the Varilux X series app.

A glasses wearer doing the Near Vision Behaviour test to get his personalised measurements

The measurements include downward gaze, distance from the screen, lateral offset and how you read. Near Vision Behaviour is measured by attaching a parameter clip to your frames which you need to wear when performing a quick pseudo reading exercise from an app. The clip and the camera on the tablet will measure eye and head movement and other visual behaviours.

What difference does it really make?

By measuring your Near Vision Behaviour, your optician can ensure the bottom part of your lenses are tailored perfectly to your movements and visual needs. With this measurement taken into consideration, your lenses can deliver a much better reading field zone, making it easier and quicker to adapt to wearing varifocals.

By accessing unique measurements like Near Vision Behaviour, your optician can ensure each pair of lenses fits your posture and movements perfectly. This results in sharp vision through the bottom part of your lens and making sure you can see clearly whilst in a comfortable and natural posture.

Find out more about personalised lenses and what they could do for you by finding your local optician and booking an appointment today.

A 12-month satisfaction guarantee covers lenses personalised with your Near Vision Behaviour measurement. Find out more from participating opticians. 


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