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Introducing Your Unique Eyecode

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Personalising your lenses can help you experience sharp, clear vision, as the lens is tailored entirely to your needs and behaviour. Whilst every lens will have some personalisation level due to your prescription; there are ways to take this further and ensure your lenses are exactly as they should be to deliver optimal comfort and visual clarity. One way in which Essilor partner opticians can make your lenses personalised to you is through Eyecode.

What is Eyecode?

Everyone's vision is different, including the way our eyes move. The eye rotation centre is the point around which the eye rotates, and current lenses are created based on the assumption that everyone's eye rotation centre is the same. In fact, this can differ up to 30% from person to person. 

By measuring this, you can optimise your lenses with unique measurements regarding your eye's movement and size. These measurements are your Eyecode.

How do you measure Eyecode?


Visioffice X tower used to measure dominant eye, eye rotation and frame fit measurements

After you have had a routine eye examination and chosen your frame, a piece of equipment called Visioffice will take your eyecode measurements. It is a contact-free process that can also facilitate social distancing between you and your optician. The Visioffice system will provide the instructions you need, such as looking in different directions to measure your eye rotation centre and how you wear your glasses. It can also identify your dominant eye, an essential measurement for Varilux Xclusive 4D lenses.

Your Eyecode measurements can be integrated into your lenses, making sure your vision is effortless when wearing your glasses. 

What difference does it make?

Having your Eyecode measured is an innovative way of making sure your lenses are working to meet your exact vision needs. The measurement ensures both your lens and your choice of frame work together. The result is five times more lens precision than your previous lenses*, which can make it much easier to adapt to wearing your lenses.

The accurate measurements can achieve better lens performance, and the whole process is quick and easy.

How do I get my Eyecode measurements?

Our partner opticians have state-of-the-art technology that helps them achieve precise and accurate measurements so that you can benefit from sharper vision. The Visioffice measuring system is exclusive to Essilor partner opticians, and the good news is that there is probably one in your local area. We work with local, independent opticians to help you access advanced eye care services.

You can find your local optician using our optician finder, search a city or area and filter your results by opticians who can provide Personalised Lenses.


*Eyecode gives you up to 5 times more precise vision, even vs lenses using just frame fit parameters

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