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How to Take Care of Your Glasses

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For anyone who wears glasses, you have no doubt experienced smudges and bothersome marks on the lenses at some point. Blemishes on your lenses can be distracting, especially if trying to read, watch television or drive. Whether you are new to glasses or are just looking for a better way to keep them clean and protected, here is some advice to help you take care of your glasses.

How to properly clean your glasses and lenses

Cleaning your glasses can be just as important as washing your hands. After all, you probably touch your lenses multiple times a day, and you might even take them off and put them down on surfaces.

The safest and easiest way to clean your glasses and lenses is to use warm water and a little bit of pH-neutral soap. Apply the mixture gently across the frame and lenses using your finger and thumb. Be sure to clean the parts of the frame that come into contact with your face, as this will remove any skin oils and dirt.

To dry your glasses, use a soft cleaning cloth, like the one that comes with your lenses. Try to avoid paper towels or facial tissue.

For day-to-day cleaning, you can simply wipe your lenses with an optical cloth. If you would like a more thorough cleaning procedure, ask your local optician if they can offer an ultrasonic cleaning service.

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How to prevent your glasses from scratching

Our glasses can go through a lot in one day! It's essential to keep them out of harm's way to avoid scratches. Try to get into the habit of keeping your glasses in a case when you are not wearing them. You should avoid leaving your glasses lens-down on surfaces too.

If you'd like to protect your lenses even further, you should complete your glasses with a scratch-resistant lens coating. Crizal coatings are covered by a two-year scratch guarantee* so that you can enjoy clear vision every day with peace of mind.

How to stop your lenses from smudging

Similarly, you might often notice smudging on your lenses; most likely from your fingers catching the lens as you pick up your glasses or take them on and off. Wiping your lenses daily with an optical cloth can help remove most smudges. Try to avoid leaving your glasses in potentially messy places such as the kitchen.

Crizal lens coatings can also help to provide a smudge and dirt-resistant layer for your lenses, making them easier to clean and look after.

How to prevent your child's glasses from breaking 

If your children wear glasses, you know how much your child relies on them. You may also notice that not all children's activities are the kindest to their glasses! After all, children can be boisterous and often involved in rough and tumble activities, especially if they play sports. Try to encourage your child to keep their glasses in the case when not in use, and teach them to take their glasses off with both hands, so they don't bend out of shape.

It might help remind them to take their glasses off before doing anything too high-spirited, such as trampolining. You can also buy prescription sports glasses which are often made from strong plastic, with a wraparound style band to help them stay on whilst protecting your child's eyes.


*Terms and conditions apply. Contact your optician for full terms and conditions.

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