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How to Reduce Reflections on Your Lenses

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Do you notice reflections on your lenses while out and about? There is a simple way to reduce them and enjoy more comfortable vision, thanks to Crizal Drive.

When driving at night, in particular, your lenses can create reflections from the many different light sources as you drive down the road. The likes of car headlights, traffic lights and streetlamps can all contribute to glare and reflections appearing on your lenses. It can leave you feeling like you have blurred vision and difficulty focusing, which can be very dangerous behind the wheel.

If reflections on your lenses are something you have struggled with, here is some helpful advice.

Why do reflections happen on your lenses?

Light can come from all different angles, and when it hits the glass of your lenses, it can cause reflections or glare. The light can reach the back of your lenses, bouncing into your eyes and causing a disturbance in your vision.

Glare from brake lights

It can be very uncomfortable and distracting, which is particularly troublesome if you’re driving. In some cases, it could put you off wearing your lenses entirely, which isn’t an ideal solution.

Our eyes can be very sensitive to light, especially glare and bright reflections. It’s essential that, if it does bother you when wearing your glasses, you find a solution that helps you to reduce the impact of reflections.

How can you reduce reflections on your glasses?

Experiencing reflections on your lenses can cause you to subconsciously move your head or adjust your posture to avoid it. However, by making a simple change to your lenses, you can help to eliminate reflections and enjoy much more comfortable vision.

Crizal Drive is a lens coating that has been specifically designed to help reduce reflections while you’re driving. The coating allows you to experience a decreased sensation of glare, making driving much more comfortable. Your lenses can deliver sharp and uninterrupted vision when you need it most, leaving you to feel safer behind the wheel.

Reduced reflections from brake lights

Crizal Drive has been proven to reduce up to 90% of reflections, compared to a standard lens with no coating. What’s more, this type of lens coating can also protect your lenses from smudges, scratches and water.

How does Crizal Drive work?

Lens coatings like Crizal Drive can combine with several different lens types. They are particularly beneficial for high-index lenses, which are thinner and lighter. High-index lenses can reflect more light than regular lenses.

Crizal Drive can help to virtually eliminate reflections, which allows you to see more clearly and makes your lenses look almost invisible.

Ask your optician about Crizal lens coatings today.

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