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Create Your Own Lens For Your Own Unique Needs

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At Essilor, we understand that having a unique lens solution is crucial to achieving the sharp vision and best in class protection. Our lenses are the combination of three cutting-edge solutions in one so that your vision is not only clear but also cared for.

Having a pair of lenses that are tailored to your lifestyle and vision needs can make all the difference in achieving a clear and comfortable vision. With so much advanced technology out there, you have the chance to benefit from lenses that are adjusted to your specific needs, including when and why you wear your lenses.

Our new lens designer allows you to attend your next optician appointment with some insight into your lens solution. It can help you define your lens needs to have a productive conversation with your optician about the right lenses for you.


Every Essilor lens takes three different areas into account. The first is correcting your vision, the second is protecting your vision and the third is enhancing your vision. This three-step process helps us to deliver a lens that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle. 

Our lens designer will take you through each of these three areas so that you can gain a better understanding of what your lenses can do for you. Whether you are designing a lens for yourself, your child or someone you know, the lens designer can take you through several options to help you achieve the right lens type.

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How to choose the right lenses

The lens designer will ask you a series of questions to help you understand when you tend to wear your lenses and what you wear them for, before explaining the different lens types and benefits. You have two main options, which are varifocals or single vision lenses. 

Varifocals can correct more than one vision condition, usually required for those aged over 40 when presbyopia begins to present itself and you require lenses for distance as well as reading. Single vision lenses are for those who have just one vision correction, either for distance or for close-up vision.

The lens designer will then help you to understand which protective element should be added to your lens. This can include having a clear lens with the ability to block harmful light, a light intelligent lens that will darken when exposed to light or a tinted lens. There is also the chance to add our exclusive Eye Protect System technology embedded into the lens.

The final step is to choose a lens treatment that can add extra clarity to your lens, as well as durability. Crizal coatings are designed to protect your lenses from scratches, smudges, dust and UV light.

What do you do with your lens design?

Once you have finished configuring and personalising your lens online, you have the chance to save it to show your optician at your next appointment. Your optician can then explain your options further so that you can feel confident in your new lenses and their advanced benefits. 

You can also ask your optician any other questions you might have about the different lens types and solutions so that you can leave your appointment with a little more understanding about your vision and eye health.

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