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Are Transitions Lenses Worth It?

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With so many different lens types available to choose from, it can be confusing when trying to find the best solution for your needs. With summer only around the corner, it might also be time to consider lenses that will offer protection from the sun, as well as everything else you need in a lens. Transitions lenses are an innovative and modern solution designed to meet our ever-evolving needs and busy lifestyle. Combining functionality and style, Transitions can offer comfort, protection and clear vision in one.

What are Transitions?

Transitions lenses are created with photochromic technology, made with molecules inside the lens that automatically react to UV light. When the lens is exposed to sunlight, the molecules activate, and the lenses darken, and when they are out of sunlight, they return to clear.

With a fast fade back to clear, Transitions lenses can offer UV protection and reduced glare, with a choice of collections to suit your vision needs and style. Transitions Signature Gen 8 is the latest generation of photochromic lenses, with technology that returns to clear faster than ever and turns even darker when exposed to light.

Transitions XTRActive are the first photochromic lenses that can activate behind the windshield of a vehicle, so they can still darken or lighten to protect your vision behind the wheel.

Woman wearing Transitions XTRActive New Generation lenses

You can also choose from a number of colours and mirror finishes so that your new lens solution is stylish as well as practical.

Eye health advantages

Thanks to the automatic adaption to changing light conditions, Transitions lenses can offer optimal vision protection. Transitions block 100% of UVA and UVB light rays and can also help to reduce glare. What’s more, the lenses will selectively filter out harmful Blue-Violet light.

While some light is essential for our vision and well-being, some of the spectrum that enters our eyes can contribute to eye diseases, including cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Wearing Transitions lenses will contribute to maintaining good eye health while enhancing visual comfort.

The perfect on-the-go solution

Transitions lenses are particularly convenient if you find yourself on the go a lot, as many do. They are a helpful solution if you spend a lot of time going from indoors to outside and vice versa.

What’s more, Transitions can be created to include your prescription, too, whether you need varifocal or single vision lenses. Transitions technology is available with Varilux and Eyezen lenses, so you never have to compromise on clear, comfortable vision.

Find your local optician today and ask them about Transitions lenses and the difference they could make to your everyday life.

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