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How to sanitise your glasses amid a pandemic

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As coronavirus fears sweep the world, diligently cleaning your glasses (much as you wash your hands) is one way to cut your risk of contracting the virus. Another? Avoid touching your eyes and face.

Sanitising glasses can cut your coronavirus risk

How can you safely sanitise your glasses?

It turns out your new hand-washing habit also is a terrific model for how to sanitise your glasses and sunglasses in this coronavirus era.

We asked Dr. Andy Hepworth, Essilor UK’s resident optician spokesman, for the best way to sanitise one’s specs.

“A very good, safe way is to use warm water and a drop of pH-neutral washing-up liquid — most kitchen fluids are pH-neutral,” Hepworth says. “Simply apply this soapy solution between finger and thumb, then apply across the frame and lenses.

“It is then best to use a soft spectacle cleaning cloth when drying your glasses,” he adds. “Avoid paper products like paper towels and facial tissues.”

Those are the do’s. These are the don’ts:

“Please be careful to not use household glass cleaners as many have chemicals in them that can damage certain lens coatings,” Hepworth says. “Also, you would want to stay away from soaps that have those abrasive beads in them.”

Bottom line: The best cleaning solution comes from your tap and is found near your kitchen sink.

“Simple soap and hot water will clean your spectacles and remove bacteria and viruses,” says Hepworth, who also is a member of All About Vision UK’s editorial advisory board. “Soap and hot water also is safe for all parts of the glasses.” 

The biggest difference between hand-washing and glasses-cleaning? Hand-washing should be rigorous. You need to be more gentle with your eyeglasses. 

With both hands and glasses, being diligent and thorough about your washing is the best way to fight the spread of coronavirus.

How can you keep your glasses clean through the day while you move about your home under lockdown? Keep a soft spectacle cleaning cloth handy.

And wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. Keeping your hands clean ensures your glasses are free of germs and virus that can spread from your lenses or frames to your face or eyes.

The new normal has turned us all into stay-at-home mums, dads, teens and schoolchildren. Fears about the spread of coronavirus may also turn us all into clean freaks when it comes to washing our hands and sanitising our glasses and sunnies. That’s not a bad thing.

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