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Can I Still Have an Eye Test During the Third UK Lockdown?

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As the UK enters another lockdown to help in the fight against Covid-19, there is no doubt you could be feeling a little nervous again about access to medical and health care. In particular, routine eye tests are incredibly important in detecting changes to your vision, eye health and also noticing other health indicators.

With that in mind, it’s important to know that opticians are still open for routine eye tests and urgent or emergency eye care. Throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, opticians are operating as normally as they possibly can.

Will your appointment still go ahead?

If you booked an eye test before the lockdown restrictions came into force, your appointment will likely still go ahead. You may wish to check with your optician beforehand, just to make sure and to understand the social distancing measures they have in place.

If you have not yet booked an appointment, but you are due an eye examination, don’t put it off. Get in touch with your local optician and they can help you with an appointment at a suitable time.

What will happen at your optician appointment?

It is likely that you will be required to wear a face-covering during your eye test. Your optician will guide you through the process and give you clear instructions, to help you feel more comfortable in understanding the guidelines.

Many of you may like to arrive at your appointment a little earlier to ensure you are ready, but it will be safer and more helpful if you arrive on time. This gives your optician time to make sure the practice is safe and clean for your test.

You should only visit your optician if you have an appointment, or if you have spoken to your optician to make arrangements for a visit. This helps everyone at the practice to expect your visit and ensure social distancing can take place.

Is it safe to visit an optician?

Our partner opticians have put comprehensive health and safety measures in place to keep everyone safe within the practice. Hand sanitiser will be available, and your optician will be wearing PPE.

Processes will also have been put in place to minimise the amount of physical contact with the frame designs that are usually out on display. You may just simply be able to tell your optician which styles and colours you like, and everything will be disinfected afterwards.

Lenses and face coverings

Wearing a face mask or covering can result in your lenses fogging up, which can be frustrating. As it is likely that we will all have to wear face coverings for some time, it’s important to find a solution so that you can continue to enjoy clear vision.

Optifog is a new, unique technology that stops lenses from fogging up. With a lens treatment and a smart cloth, you can benefit from clear glasses whether you’re wearing a face mask or opening the oven door. Ask your optician about the right lens solution for your needs.


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