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Discover An Anti-Fog Solution for Your Glasses

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If you wear glasses, you have probably already experienced your lenses fogging up in certain environments. It can be a hindrance to your vision, often resulting in the need to take your glasses off altogether. Lenses steaming up can be caused by many different things, and with face masks now becoming the norm in public indoor spaces, trying to avoid steamed up lenses is only going to continue.

What if there was a way to prevent your lenses from fogging, allowing you to wear a protective face mask and glasses together comfortably? We might have just the answer you’re looking for.

Why do your lenses get fogged up?

Person drinking tea with steamed up glasses

Lenses becoming fogged up can happen in several different situations. For instance, if you walk in from the cold into a warm room, or if you open the oven door. When wearing a face mask, the heat from your breath under the mask can cause your glasses to steam up, as it hits the cold surface of the lens.

Other situations, such as wearing a helmet for work or sport as well as merely drinking a cup of tea can also cause misted lenses. 

In some cases, your lenses can take a while to return clear, which can be frustrating.

Now, thanks to Optifog, you can experience clearer lenses to make life that little bit easier.

Optifog anti-fog system

Optifog is a unique anti-fog system combining two patented technologies. It is designed to keep your lenses clear from fog, with both a lens treatment and smart cloth. With just a couple of wipes each morning with the smart cloth, you can benefit from much clearer vision whether you’re wearing a face mask or opening the oven.

The Optifog system is simple; just clean your Optifog lenses with the smart cloth every day. The cloth has been created with anti-fog molecules, which activate the power of the Optifog lens treatment. Then, every two weeks wash your lenses with water, just to make sure they are free from dirt or any agents. 

Every three months, you should renew your new smart cloth from your optician to ensure it remains effective. 

How does Optifog work?

What are the benefits of Optifog?

As well as making sure your lenses don’t get steamed up, the Optifog lens system can bring many other benefits to your vision and eye health. The lens treatment can deliver scratch resistant and dust repellent properties, and can even offer fewer reflections on your lenses for further clarity.

Optifog lenses can also protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. UV protection is incredibly important to prevent premature ageing of your eyes, as well as reducing your risk of developing eye conditions such as cataracts.

To learn more about Optifog and the difference it could make to your vision, find your nearest optician today.

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