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What is an Essilor Expert Optician?

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If you’re looking for an optician who can really understand your visual needs and offer the best lens solutions, our Essilor Expert opticians might just be the right place to start. At Essilor, we have recently launched our customer partnership programme, aimed at independent opticians. The Essilor Experts programme is designed to help your local optician offer enhanced services and the right support so that you can access advanced eye care including screening, diagnosis, treatment and lens dispensing.

What does an Essilor Expert optician do?

Our Essilor Experts are independent eyecare professionals who have been specially trained to pass on the benefits of Essilor lenses and instruments. The programme helps opticians to access vision screening and refraction instruments to enhance their practice and deliver an expert service to each patient that comes through their door.

With that in mind, Essilor Expert opticians have invested in the latest equipment and lenses, so that they can provide the best visual solutions for your individual needs. However, the programme offers much more than equipment.

An Essilor Expert optician will also have access to additional training and guidance so that you can experience even more benefits from your local optician. They will have the right knowledge to understand your vision problems, and can guide you every step of the way in reaching the right solution.

How does this benefit you?

Visiting your local Essilor Expert optician means that you’ll receive an unrivalled service, from the latest lens technology that meets your unique needs to advanced screening equipment for early diagnosis of eye conditions. You will leave your optician feeling confident in your eye health and visual capabilities, knowing that you have access to the right treatment and support.

Our Essilor Expert opticians are the first to know about new lenses and promotions, so you might also get a great deal on your next lenses when you need them.

You can find your nearest Essilor Expert optician using our optician finder. You can also lookout for the Essilor Expert sticker in your optician’s window to see if they are part of the programme.

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