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The Varilux X Series: Are these lenses right for you?

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For those who suffer from the common refractive error, presbyopia, opticians will always recommend varifocal lenses to correct your vision. At Essilor, we have been designing varifocal lenses since 1959. Offering comfortable vision at any distance. Our Varilux X Series offers a modern design to varifocal lenses, reducing the need for regular head movement and instead of providing enhanced vision through every part of the lens. Wondering whether the Varilux X Series is right for you?

Do you have Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a common refractive error that typically begins to affect people in their mid-40s, progressing until the age of 60/65. It causes the gradual loss of your eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects and is associated with ageing. You may start to notice you are holding objects closer to your face in order to focus on them. Items like your mobile phone, books, magazines, menus etc. may become difficult to read from far away.

If you are concerned you may have presbyopia and require glasses or new lenses to treat this, make an appointment with your optician for a comprehensive eye assessment. Our handy optician finder can be used to help you find your nearest Essilor partnered optician.

If you are diagnosed with presbyopia, your optician will recommend varifocal lenses to treat this. Traditional varifocal lenses would require the wearer to point their nose in the direction of which they would like to see. This meant they were often very difficult to adjust to, particularly for people who have busy lifestyles and need to focus on a variety of tasks at different distances throughout the day.  

Hence the design of our Varilux X Series. This has been created to allow wearers to see clearly through any part of the lenses without the need for continual head movement.

Varilux x
  • Capture every detail within arm’s reach
  • These lenses are easy to wear and can be adapted to quickly
  • All close-up information can be captured clearly, providing a large reading area
  • A smooth transition between seeing zones
  • Sharp vision across all vision zones
  • From the moment you put your glasses on, enjoy comfortable, enhanced vision


No matter what your everyday needs are, the Varilux X Series will allow you to see clearly at both a distance and close up. So, you can get on with your day without the constant irritation of switching between eyeglasses or struggling to focus.

If you want a lens solution that offers clarity and enhanced vision, no matter what you are doing, the Varilux X Series is ideal for you! Find out more today by speaking with a partnered optician.

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